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Michael Burry Said That Elon Musk Should be Shorting Tesla

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Financier Michael Burry, who became well known in the financial world for being one of the first people to predict the subprime mortgage crisis, has been giving his two cents on the current financial situation. In several now-deleted tweets, he said that Elon Musk should be shorting Tesla as the recent news regarding the automaker has some believing that the company will not continue its high levels of growth. As Burry said, the CNBC story of the Tesla Magapack battery at a PG&E energy-storage facility catching fire is proof of this.

CFI – Michael Burry said that Elon Musk should be shorting Tesla –

Farmland would become extremely valuable

Burry also appears to have sold many holdings of his hedge fund. At the same time, he is holding his assets that relate to U.S. Farmland. More than a decade ago he had told Bloomberg that he believed farmland with access to water would become extremely valuable, and it is that farmland investment that he appears to be holding on to in today’s economic climate. Farmland products have also been performing better now with a 10 to 20% increase in asset value, despite the inflation.

Chrome World JP – 3Michael Burry said that Elon Musk should be shorting Tesla

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